Professional Training and Mentoring

“I went into burnout; I had lost my passion for what I was doing. I knew I was asking too much of myself, but I couldn’t say no to the people who turned to me.”
“During an exercise in one of our seminars on sexuality, we were unable to recognize the dynamic that arose and led a participant to relive a trauma.
“The patient began to open up about issues related to her sexuality, and I felt inside that I didn’t have all the necessary tools to fully support her on her journey.”
I want to feel fully confident in my competencies regarding sexuality and power dynamics.”
“I have often encountered clients making advances or behaving inappropriately towards me during my massage therapy treatments.”
Disagi nelle relazioni di aiuto
These are some of the typical statements I have been hearing for years from professionals such as sexologists, sexual educators, coaches, or wellness practitioners who turn to me for training or professional mentoring. Often, the tools they have available to work on sexuality issues with their clients are not always applicable and can sometimes even be counterproductive.
Professionals such as counselors, somatic experiencing practitioners, psychologists follow my training and mentoring to acquire skills and feel at ease when their clients introduce the topic of sexuality. They want to be able to safely address even the most delicate issues like sexual trauma and learn advanced strategies on how to process it without risking retraumatization.

I immediately appreciated her work, characterized by clarity in content and methods, respect for boundaries and consent, and a gradual approach to different levels of work on the body and sexuality, from the sensory to the emotional and cognitive.
I sincerely thank Adriana for her competence, empathetic ability, and willingness to engage in the relationship. These are all fundamental tools, in my opinion, for navigating an intense, beautiful, and formative journey like the one I have experienced with her and hopefully will continue to experience.

Maria Elena Rossler

42 years old, Psychotherapist

Who I am

Adriana Brablik

Hi, I am Adriana

I am a psychosomatic sex educator and post-traumatic growth coach with a Jungian orientation.

I combine my knowledge of trauma, neuroscience, and a passionate interest in depth psychology with many years of experience as a somatic sex educator and somatic practitioner specializing in sexual boundary violations, power dynamics, ethics in helping professions, and alternative sexualities.

I have worked for many years helping professionals gain confidence in their work on these topics, master potentially conflicting situations with confidence, and acquire integrity with clear and healthy boundaries for all parties involved.

My mission is to bring awareness to how our personal history, sexuality, and unconscious behaviors can influence our practice and the way we act in helping relationships; I want to cultivate the principle that it is not about being impeccable in our work but being accountable, curious, and humble.

My training


  • Certification in Sexological bodywork (EASE)
  • Post graduate: advanced training – Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology
  • Eros Unbound: Sensuality, Shadow and transcendence – Ariel Giarretto, Tom Callanan
  • Energetics of Intimacy and Attachment – Ariel Giarretto (MS, LMFT, SEP)
  • Working in the Expanded triadic model for touch professionals training – Institute for Mind body therapy, USA
  • Like a Pro training: the wheel of consent – Betty Martin, Robyn Dalzen, Matthias Schwenteck
  • Female pelvic floor training – Isa Herrera (MSPT, CSCS


  • Introduction to Jungian psychology
  • Intensive study program – Jung institute Zurich
  • Jungian coaching training – Jung platform


  • Movement for trauma – Jane Clapp (level 1, level 2)
  • Rebloom coach training – Rachael Maddox (level 1)
  • Trauma training for bodywork professionals – Sea School of Embodiment – Caffyn Jesse, Katie Sarra, UK
  • Uncovering the roots of sexuality trauma – Ariel Giarretto (MS, LMFT, SEP)
  • Healing sexual trauma training – Breathe network
  • Traumatic stress and pelvic floor – Michelle Frazer, Jane Clapp


  • Embodied Counselling – Institute of Somatic Sexology, Australia


  • Kinky mind training
  • Kink claiming trauma training
  • BDSM training

Work with Me

Burnout Prevention: I help you identify the early signs leading to a condition of distress and support you in making decisions from a place of clarity, without letting unconscious attitudes lead you to burnout.
Gaining Confidence in Working with Sexuality: My trauma-informed experience will help you understand how to safely and appropriately address even the most delicate topics.
Skill Development: I offer resources to deepen professional skills on topics such as sexuality and power dynamics.
Client Protection: Gain awareness of possible biases to avoid unintentionally causing discomfort to those who rely on us.

Overcoming Relational Challenges: We address difficult dynamics with clients and understand any unresolved aspects of our own.

Mentoring professionale online
My competence goes beyond cognitive knowledge of ethics, power dynamics, and sexuality: it is the experiential side that has given me a more concrete and profound vision of these themes.

In addition to my decade-long professional experience, I draw on over twenty years of exploration in various fields of sexuality: this experience has allowed me to get to know the vast erotic territory and its facets, including both the aspects that lead to well-being and the more destructive ones.

Moreover, my experience working with trauma and the nervous system enables me to support you not only in helping others but also in making your activity as sustainable and ethical as possible.


In this space, I have the pleasure to present some of my professional clients in the helping relationship: you will thus have the opportunity to get to know them and the paths they have taken with me.

I met Adriana at the experiential marathon workshop “Di Sesso in Senso” held in Perugia since 2018, and I have attended every edition. From the beginning, I appreciated her work, characterized by clarity in content and methods, respect for boundaries and consent, and a gradual approach to different levels of work on the body and sexuality, from the sensory to the emotional to the cognitive.
For this reason, I decided to undertake an individual journey with her, which took place online last year. Through this process, I had the opportunity to discover parts of myself that had long been silent, reclaim my sexual body, work on the importance of boundaries in a relationship and consent, and explore my gender identity, taboos, and beliefs related to sexuality. This allowed me to resolve some issues in my emotional and sexual life, leading to new possibilities and greater satisfaction and awareness in how I want to live my relationships.

I am also very interested in starting a supervision process with Adriana, both to continue and consolidate the personal work on myself and to gain more tools and awareness regarding my profession as a psychotherapist.

I sincerely thank Adriana for her expertise, empathetic ability, and willingness to engage in the relationship—all fundamental tools, in my opinion, for navigating an intense, beautiful, and formative journey like the one I have experienced with her and hope to continue.

Maria Elena Rossler

42 years old, Psychotherapist

A very nice meeting in which I participated with curiosity and also some perplexity like ‘but what do you want there to know?’ In reality there is so much to know, so much to ask about what sexuality and the encounter with the other in intimacy means to us, so much to listen to each other about the concept of beauty and pleasure. A journey of understanding and listening that does not stop at the body and its blocks, but reaches more precious spheres. Adriana guided us with such welcome and competence into a reality that is often superficially addressed and treated despite being the basis of life. The encounter with the other is first and foremost a contact with oneself, and in this afternoon of joy and irony, there was a way of discovering something that enriched me, my relationship and also my profession as a counsellor and Metamorphic Technique practitioner. Thank you also to the whole group of wonderful women present.


Adriana is delicate, capable of presence and care. She is welcoming and fluid. She has provided me with boundaries and guidance that are as clear as they are gentle, allowing me to embark on a new and unfamiliar exploration.
Her perspective is broad, non-judgmental, filled with possibilities and pragmatism. She helps me to “simplify” themes that are as powerful and fascinating as they are complex and existential. The discovery of Pleasure, my Body, and my Self-Worth occurs through clear, practical steps, gentle touches, and a firmness that guides me.
I appreciate her availability and capacity for containment in a journey that has just begun, one whose Essence fascinates and scares me. The online work is rich and stimulating, consisting of practical exercises and experiences that, though seemingly distant, are functional in helping me encounter Pleasure within Myself and for Myself.
I am grateful for this journey with Adriana. I am curious about the upcoming explorations and where they will lead me!

Barbara V.

47 years old, Somatic experiencing practitioner

I met Adriana in a professional setting and immediately appreciated her extensive expertise and her ability to listen to people.

When I felt the need to deepen my understanding of sexuality on both a personal and professional level, I decided to undertake a series of personal sessions and professional supervision with her.

In Adriana, I found clarity and support that allowed me to feel more secure and embark on a professional path in this field. Thank you, Adriana, for your support and authenticity.


48 years old, Psychologist

I enthusiastically embarked on a journey with Adriana Brablik, who provided me with practical and easily applicable tools for both personal and professional use.
I feel much more confident and empowered in my relationships.
Thank you.


Somatic experiencing practitioner

Adriana demonstrates professionalism, ethics, and clarity in her coaching work. I have observed in her a natural ability to hold space for the other person, with a gentle yet firm energy. She has extensive experience working with women who have been victims of sexual abuse, and it is evident that she is driven primarily by a desire to support others on their healing journey.
Personally, I have learned a great deal and drawn inspiration from her approach to client check-ins and session management.
I would choose these five words to describe her: ethical, present, skillful, sensorial, feminine.

Diana Kallas

40 year old, Jungian coach

Adriana conveys an open and non-judgmental approach in all her interactions, both with me and as I have observed in small and large groups. I have experienced Adriana as someone capable of creating a genuine space for the other person to share what is on their mind. There is a quiet stillness in her manner that invites the other to speak.
She is particularly sensitive to non-verbal signals and to how she reacts somatically, and she uses this to understand the client’s experience. She conveys a deep understanding of human nature and psychological development, with particular insight into somatic modalities. She has a clear understanding of accountability in the helping professions and the need to work in a sensitive and boundary-respecting manner at the client’s pace.

Jesse Carlebach

60 years old, Therapeutic social work consultant, Jungian coach

As a coach, Adriana can guide the client to see what the client might not “yet” see while respecting and trusting the client’s reality. Adriana is an experienced counselor and is well-versed in various practices. Adriana possesses qualities such as compassion, humility, insight, and integrity.

Maria Tibblin

60 years old, Jungian coach